Thinking of Selling or Buying a new home?

You Really Need a Realtor®

Most of us have lived in our Homes for a reasonable period of time, some from its inception including the Building Process. It is a wonderful experience as I'm sure you all agree. However, when it comes time to move on whether from a job change, relocation, outgrowing your current home, down sizing or any number of other reasons you need a Realtor®. Why? Let me give you a few excellent reasons.


First, if you are selling, it is crucial in most market conditions to establish a price point that correctly places your home and its features in the minds of buyers as having high value. If you price it too low you will not attract the right types of buyers for your property. Price it too high and you may not attract any buyers. Clearly, experience in evaluating competing properties and market trends are a first ingredient for the best home purchasing transaction experience. It is also crucial to take the time to prepare your home to appeal not to just some, but all potential buyers in the price range they are ready to commit to. Additionally, there is generally a large inventory of homes available in every price range and buyers are usually comparison-shopping. The "best" homes at the "right" price are the ones that consistently attract qualified buyers.

Second, exposure to other industry professionals provides a greater opportunity to sell your home at the right price in the shortest amount of time. Your agent will utilize a Multiple Listing Service or other cooperative marketing networks. Once your property is listed, it is statistically probable the buyer will be the client of another agent associated with yours.

Third, It takes experience to know what works in advertising. Ads generate phone calls to the real estate office but statistically have minimum effectiveness selling a specific property. Overexposure of a property in any media may give a buyer the impression the property is distressed or that the seller is desperate.

Fourth, A property needs positive exposure to the public. Your agent will know best how to use fliers and open house days, and will mail to and meet with ex-clients and other qualified buyers.

Fifth, you want to make sure that your home is secure. Working with a real estate agent ensures showings will be supervised. You can instruct unchaperoned buyers to call your agent for an appointment so they can be prescreened, you will be safe, and you can do your final polish before the showing.

Sixth, you want to make sure you have a good negotiator, one who can take the emotions out of the processes. Many "For Sale By Owner (FSBO)" deals disintegrate because emotions between buyer and seller resulted in unrealistic demands creating bad feelings or resentment. Most buyers prefer to negotiate with someone they perceive as unbiased, not emotional, and professionally trained. They are more likely to express objections to agents with the hope of resolution, when they otherwise might move on to another property rather than talking to you directly.

Seventh, there are an overwhelming number of steps in the selling process. The process of appraisals, inspections, and financing involves a lot of potential pitfalls. There are many required legal forms and processes. Additionally, you always want someone with experience reading and following escrow instructions. Instructions must be clear and complete. Your agent is the best person to objectively help you communicate these issues and move the transaction to closing (or settlement). Additionally, an agent can meet specialists and negotiate regarding repairs needed to complete your contract. Industry contacts provide resources for workpersons in many areas with knowledge as to their historical skill and reliability.

On the Buying Side . . . . . . . . .
You can take the tedious steps of reading the ads, doing drive bys, perusing the Internet, etc,lead you to your new dream home. However, working with a Realtor® eliminates much of the hassle involved in the buying process. It only takes a good agent a short meeting with you to obtain the information about what your needs are, what you want, and what your dream house will look like. The Realtor® takes it from there, previews properties that fit your criteria, provides you with information and sets up the appointments. You can then preview pre-selected homes, evaluate what you like and didn't like and make informed decisions based on your review. Following that you can then make an offer on the home of your choice with confidence that you selected the right home for you and your family and that you have a skilled agent working with you to see you through the home inspection, purchase and sale, and closing.

Jim Kinahan's agents are some of the best Realtors in the business. I am a proud to be a Jim Kinahan real Estate Realtor®. Please call me if I can be of assistance to you or any of your family members. I will work hard to help you sell your existing home or assist you with the purchase of your new one.

Kerry Harkins, Realtor®
Jim Kinahan Real Estate
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